Thursday, 1 December 2011

Woodlockplans Open For Online Business!

Mystery By Design is where you will find a bounty of plans for fully functional wooden locking systems and secret compartments for furniture and smaller pieces like mechanical puzzle boxes. 
On December 10th our official new site will feature plans that can be purchased ‘one at a time’, or you could choose to become a member of our ‘Wood Lock Lodge’ with payment of a one time yearly fee of $144.

Members will receive complete access to  all of the plans for FREE for only $12/month for a yearly subscription to the website.  With all plans downloadable by PDF’s. Added to that, members will also have access to future special features like special Training Videos and special access to group Workshop’s. 

For the first 1000 subscribers, they will receive a FREE set of plans to build the Snake Bite Puzzle Box, as seen on You Tube.  These plans will not be offered at any other time and only sent to those that subscribe.

So, when your woodworking mind wanders, it sometimes does, and you find yourself thinking about the infinite possibilities of secret compartments, wooden locking systems and puzzle boxes, or maybe your just wanting to make a secret drawer in that special piece your working on right now, come on over for a visit to to begin your membership into adventure by entering into the secret world of mystery, design!

See you there at!

Thanks for your reading time.

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