Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Spin the Bottle Puzzle

The "Spin the Bottle" puzzle box was originally designed to be a contribution to the Social Committee where I work.  To date, I have not seen one single person that has been able to solve this puzzle.  The design went over so well I thought that I would offer the plans on my site. 

A "14 moves to open" puzzle box, this design is no walk in the park to solve, but interestingly enough, the coded password is out front and easy to see, ...though, maybe not so easy to decipher.  This particular piece was made from Cherry, seemed ironic enough as I do enjoy working puns into my designs where I can.

The four dials seen on top all rotate freely and lift up to reveal 8 more layers marked onto each dial's shaft.  Once you have set the dials to their set alignments, the front drawer will remove allowing you to remove the bottle of Coke.

This locking mechanism can be adapted to fit any size bottle.  However with all the Coca Cola collectors out there, why not make something that would be instantly saleable?

So, check in and by the end of the month this awesome plan will be available for download.

Create a Great Day!

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

New Designs Revealed

It's a new year at Wood Lock Plans, full of exciting new designs to come online in the coming months.  It's been a rough go the last few months with website issues and all, damn, just so much to take in and learn.  I thought this was going to be easier, lol.

To make it easier to try out one of these designs, "Nips" has a new price of $1.  Not a bad way to try out a locking system and expand your woodworking skills.

Here are two new designs to be added to the Store.

The "Booze Bank" was inspired by a friend at work one snowy December Eve while she was reveling in her thoughts as she mulled over Christmas present ideas for her father.  Traditionally, there have been other types of "locked bottle" puzzles mainly rope and ball types and closed boxes.  This "6 moves to open" design can be altered to fit any bottle of your choice. The code to open the locked box is found somewhere on the bottle.  Easy enough?  Now you just have to figure out how to enter the code into the locking system.  Depending on your experience, the average woodworker could likely have this built in 5 - 7 hrs.

As I scratched my head and looked around at what else I could lock up, I came across the Skull Vodka bottle.  Intriguing it was, and so over my Christmas Holidays, tucked away in the shop while everyone else was having a turkey nap, I found a few stray hours here and there to come up with this fairly difficult to open puzzle box simply called "Skull".  The code to open this locked box is also found on the bottle.  Many have thought the code was Skull, or Vodka, all good guesses but not the correct one.  Curious?  This puzzle box would take a little longer to build if you chose to build up your side panels like I did here.  Otherwise, the average woodworker could likely build this in 8-10 hrs.

There are more great projects on the way, so see ya soon. 

Monday, 6 February 2012

EDOG Plans Coming Soon

At the request of my Soul Tree Creations followers, I am preparing plans for the EDOG to debut on my new site woodlockplans.com.

The EDOG is a unique puzzle box that is very much disguised as an antique jewellery box and is made from Century old Pine, Walnut, Cherry, and Birch.  An inlaid Labradorite stone adorns the front.   

There are two main challenges, opening the lid and accessing the four secret compartments that are hidden inside. 

Scheduled to become available my mid March, this set of plans has been the most requested of all time.

New Design Coming Your Way

Vintage Puzzle Box #10 is a "collectable coffer" that has a "5 moves to open" mechanical locking system built into it.  This locking system is unique in that all of the mechanical components are contained within the lid, leaving the entire box completely useable.  

If you have average woodworking experience, you too can build this amazing tricked out box.  Try it on your friends and family, I am sure it will become an instant hit.

You do not need to start with a box that looks exactly like this one, however, you will need a box that has at least 1/2" headroom within the hinged lid part.  

I love to recycle where I can, so for me practicing on a old box make a lot of sense, since I can start working on the mechanisms straight away.

This is a project that you can easily build in one day. 

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Woodlockplans.com plans are easy to follow

Woodlockplans.com features many different designs for locking systems custom fit into vintage cigar boxes and other "time worn" boxes. Many more plans from different categories will be added as http://www.woodlockplans.com/ grows.

Why start with Vintage & Cigar boxes you might ask? ...well, just about everybody has a father or grandfather that likely has a few floating around the house with no more purpose than to hold random stuff, I say dig those old interesting cigar boxes out of the closet and bring them back to life and turn them into gifts or family heirlooms, or maybe even sell a few at the local Farmers Market in your area, they’re sure to be a hit.

Woodlockplans.com plans are easy to follow, require very little time or material and can be made using the most basic of woodworking equipment. So, if your level of woodworking experience is anywhere from amateur to expert then come on in and enter into what is traditionally thought of as "long forgotten" ancient craftsmanship. You will not find any of this information anywhere else on the web or in any book.

I will guarantee that adding this set of skills to your toolbox will only enhance what you are already doing in your shop today.


Woodlockplans Open For Online Business!

Mystery By Design

Woodlockplans.com is where you will find a bounty of plans for fully functional wooden locking systems and secret compartments for furniture and smaller pieces like mechanical puzzle boxes. 
On December 10th our official new site will feature plans that can be purchased ‘one at a time’, or you could choose to become a member of our ‘Wood Lock Lodge’ with payment of a one time yearly fee of $144.

Members will receive complete access to  all of the plans for FREE for only $12/month for a yearly subscription to the woodlockplans.com website.  With all plans downloadable by PDF’s. Added to that, members will also have access to future special features like special Training Videos and special access to group Workshop’s. 

For the first 1000 subscribers, they will receive a FREE set of plans to build the Snake Bite Puzzle Box, as seen on You Tube.  These plans will not be offered at any other time and only sent to those that subscribe.

So, when your woodworking mind wanders, ...as it sometimes does, and you find yourself thinking about the infinite possibilities of secret compartments, wooden locking systems and puzzle boxes, or maybe your just wanting to make a secret drawer in that special piece your working on right now, come on over for a visit to http://www.woodlockplans.com/ to begin your membership into adventure by entering into the secret world of mystery, ...by design!

See you there at woodlockplans.com!

Thanks for your reading time.